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It all started with

two teeth in a bowl of milk...

That's how all of this started for me. I was 13 years old, playing wallball at school, when I found myself on the ground, battered and bruised, with two of my teeth lying next to me.

“Quick! Get those teeth into some milk!” That was some fast thinking on my teacher’s part.

That bowl of milk saved my smile.

Since milk has just the right nutrients to keep a tooth alive while it’s AWOL, my dentist was able to reassemble my smile and make it as good as new with my real, original parts.

I was fascinated.

And that was the day it began. I’ve been a dentist at heart ever since.

Why any of this matters?

We often treat the mouth like it’s a completely separate part of the body. But if you think about it, it’s really the gateway to everything! By caring for your mouth, you’re helping prevent heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, and even diabetes.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is as important as eating well and exercising. And just as one might consult a nutritionist or a personal trainer, as a dentist, I get to be a different kind of coach-working with you to make sure we’re being proactive about your whole body’s health from a dental perspective.

Having a beautiful smile feels really good. But feeling great comes from the inside.

Looking forward to your visit,


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  •                              Your smile is not                                    just about your                                       teeth.

  •                             We consider facial                                  dimensions and                                      reference points to                                personalise a smile                                design that looks                                    great for you and                                  only you.

  •                             Mathematical                                         precision and                                         attention to detail in                             our processes                                        ensures we can                                      achieve this.
  • Like your smile, your health is also a complex interrelation of many factors. As I touched on earlier, several systemic conditions have signs or symptoms in your mouth and we have the skills to notice these. 

  • For instance, we routinely discover patients with sleep apnoea that didn't know they even had it. For the patient, merely discovering it explains so much to them and treating it is life changing!

  • Visit us at The Dental Station North Sydney.

  • We do things differently here.

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