Cosmetic Dentist North Sydney

Cosmetic Dentist North Sydney

Cosmetics is a story of form and function

The mouth and your teeth are the most sensitive and delicate part of the body. 

Thirty percent of your brain is devoted to sensory and motor of the mouth!

There is no other part of the body that has so much of the brain devoted to it.

Most people don't realise that a beautiful smile synchronises with how your teeth function. This synergy is a story of form and function and its the foundation for all cosmetic work, in any discipline.

The shapely form of your new smile may look beautiful. However, it's the understanding of function and your bite (or occlusion in dentist terms) that ensures your new set of teeth work.

When we create a gorgeous smile, we integrate our knowledge of function. We marry this with all the cosmetic dentistry disciplines including Invisalign, porcelain veneers, crowns and composite bondings.

All this ensures you get to enjoy your smile for many years to come.

Why does your smile matter?

  • Did you know that when we smile, the contraction of the facial muscles also sends a signal to the brain? The brain then releases dopamine and endorphins which are special chemicals that stimulate our reward system and increase our level of happiness. They also reduce stress levels.

  • Even seeing someone smile has the same effect on us.

  • Wanting a nice smile is not about cosmetics or vanity. If you've been withholding your smile, you are potentially depriving yourself of feeling good. It doesn't have to be this way.

  • Your smile matters. 
  • We offer interest free payment plans to help you get the treatment you want and deserve.
  • At The Dental Station we are proud of the palette of cosmetic dental services we offer and are confident we can have you smiling the way you've always wanted. We say "palette" as there is a strong artistic component to every smile. We consider the all the concepts of facial aesthetics when designing your smile.

  • What would you think if I said Dentistry and Formula 1 Racing had a lot in common? 

  • An F1 car is a thing of beauty. The complexity of concepts that combine to create power is truly exceptional. And it all culminates in an aesthetically beautiful car!

  • Like an F1 car, modern dentistry has so many moving parts: exceptional patient care, a holistic approach to health, material science, digital dentistry, procedural expertise, honing skills and continuing professional development.

  • My team and I are consistently working on our skills and our service. We're striving to combine it all and deliver a powerful suite of professional treatments for our patients.

  • That constant drive (mind the pun) for excellence in Formula 1 is what underpins our cosmetic dental solutions.

  • The process of growth never stops.
  • When we consult with you, our valued patients, we take time to understand your concerns and identify your needs. From this we formulate a personalised treatment plan.
  • Your smile is not just about your teeth.

  • We consider facial dimensions and reference points to personalise a smile design that looks great for you and only you.

  • Mathematical precision and attention to detail in our processes ensures we can achieve this.