My name is Jalal and I’m the principal dentist of The Dental Station.

I’m passionate about the health of my patients and frequently have discussions with my patients about the mouth-to-body connection. It’s part of our philosophy at The Dental Station. Now I want to share my knowledge with you through this dental blog.

As a dentist, I observe government policy and society’s attitudes and get an overwhelming sense that the mouth has been compartmentalised as a remote part of the human body. Infact this is happening across the world. A lack of public health initiatives in preventive dentistry has resulted in tooth decay being the most common chronic disease worldwide. Aside from pain, uncontrolled dental diseases costs individuals heavily as poor oral health potentiates chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The reality is that the mouth is the gateway to our body and what is found in our mouth is a strong indicator of our wellbeing.

We’ll write about not just dentistry but your health, your oral health and the connection between the two.

We’ll answer questions like:
How can your tongue reveal more about your general health?
How do regular dental checkups help avoid diabetes and cardiovascular disease?
What is the link between orthodontic treatment and sleep apnoea?

Most people would never consider these questions let alone the answers.

How can there even be a link between your general health and your tongue, or your oral health for that matter?

I will frequently post information about your oral and general health. If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family then this material will resonate with you.

In Dental Musings, I’ll explore many topics such as:

Links between your mouth and your body
Various dental treatments – how and why we do them
New dental technologies and what that means for you
Updates on my own public health initiative – The Dental Truck
Dietary tips that impact your oral health and general health
Resources you can explore to gain an even deeper knowledge
Seasonal promotions

I am not only writing about this, but am actively doing something about it via a mobile dental truck that services communities in in need.

I’m very excited about starting this journey and I hope you find our blog engaging, informative and enjoyable. I encourage you to share this with your families and friends.

Welcome to The Dental Station


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