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Mindfulness. It’s a buzz word these days but what does it all mean? My wife, Zainab, and I have been on a personal journey of self growth and self-reflection over the past 18-24 months. We were certainly happy in our life and I must confess we accidentally fell into this journey. It’s been an uplifting […]

On air sharing the vision

It was a privilege to be invited to ABC Radio Sydney’s Breakfast Show (scroll to 22:50) to talk about my charity work in Sydney and the vision I have for better dental service delivery to disadvantaged Australians. Whilst chatting with the host, Josh Szeps, I was able to share some alarming statistics about the state of […]

Pilot Charity Event

The Dental Station is really excited to be partnering with St Marks Anglican Church Sadleir to provide free dental treatment to families that are vulnerable to homelessness. With so much hardship in their day to day lives, it is understandable that health and dental care may be put aside to focus on how to simply get by. Parents […]

Mouth-Body Connection

This is a topic I’m passionate about. As a society we’ve been conditioned to accept that the mouth is a separate part of the human body. This is manifested in health policy. Most medical treatments are subsidised by Medicare, however, adult dental services are not. [Side note – Children in families eligible for the Family […]


Last week my wife and I sat down to watch the show on SBS – Filthy Rich and Homeless. Like many who watched it, we found it  confronting. While reflecting on the journey of the five protagonists, I had an overwhelming sense of guilt that this had been ignored by our society for so long. […]

Welcome to The Dental Station

My name is Jalal and I’m the principal dentist of The Dental Station. I’m passionate about the health of my patients and frequently have discussions with my patients about the mouth-to-body connection. It’s part of our philosophy at The Dental Station. Now I want to share my knowledge with you through this dental blog. As […]