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Dr Jalal

Hi there, I’m Jalal. You can call me Dr. Khan if you prefer, but I’m not so big on formalities myself.
See, dentistry is a very personal thing for me. After all, you’re entrusting me with your health, and maybe even your family’s. It’s really an honour.

I think my love for what I do stems from a few things:

First of all, I’m the eldest son of three, which taught me a whole lot about leadership — but not the bossy type of abuse you sometimes see among brothers! It’s the kind of leadership that comes from deep compassion. I have always strived to be a positive role model for them, and we have learned so much from each other along the way. 

I’m a new father. My wife and I brought little Fawad (Fawi, we call him) and more recently our daughter Inaya Noor into the world, which made my desire to be a positive role model skyrocket. Having a dentistry practice is a great way to do that because I get to show him how special it is to help patients on a daily basis, while growing a business on my own terms as an entrepreneur, supporting my family along the way.

Self-improvement is in my DNA. Maybe it’s the athlete in me (you could say I know my way around a football field) but the idea of pushing forward and continually growing and refining oneself is very exciting to me. And because dentistry is a field that’s constantly evolving, I have to stay on the cutting edge and refine my approaches every day. It’s such a great fit.

By visiting my clinic, you’re not just taking good care of your body, you’re becoming a part of my team. This is a dream I’ve had since I was a little kid, and it’s a dream that wouldn’t be possible without you.

With care,
– Jalal

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Dr Khushy

If anyone has ever attempted to make a dental retainer plate from a single paper clip and a piece of Uncle Toby’s roll-up then there would most likely be a very high chance dentistry is made for you. From the age of eight rather than going straight to the television after school I would go into my study room and do exactly this, because I had an obsession that I would later learn to realise was much deeper than just chewy strawberry flavoured goodness. 
As I was moving through high-school and University I always desired to specialise in the medical field because being a scholar of a specific area was always an exciting prospect for me. I thought doing a Master’s in research would be that niche for me. However, I very quickly realised that whilst I love the experimental and theoretical dimensions of research, I also quite enjoy a people-centric environment where I can build quality relationships. 
My obsession to collaborate art, science and relationships led me to dentistry. Dentistry is a lot more than just teeth for me, the way I feel about my vocation is how an engineer must feel about designing, how an artist feels about creating and how a scientist feels about innovating. I have a goal to take my passion for dentistry abroad and volunteer my services in underprivileged areas and my travel bug also takes me to countries where I am fortunate to learn about the latest technologies and trends in dentistry globally. 
I hope that we can build a relationship of trust and genuine compassion so that I can take great care of your oral health and your smile. I hope also, that you can forgive any dental puns that I make along the journey…we will have a lot of fun!

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