Dental Implants

The high-end alternative to false teeth

Dental implants are a bespoke treatment used to replace missing teeth. A dental  implant is made of titanium and is designed to replace the root of the tooth. Attached to this is a porcelain crown. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. It can even be used to support a full denture.

Treatment planning

Although they have a high success rate of more than 95%, correct treatment planning is crucial to ensuring long term success and stability of the implant supported prosthesis. Planning is complex and strong considerations are given to the amount of bone, quality of gums, oral hygiene and the occlusion (how your teeth bite together). A sound understanding of these aspects and more is what ensures optimal aesthetics are achieved.

Dental Implant Cost

All these factors are considered when creating a quote for your dental implant cost. Payment plans are available to facilitate you receiving the treatment you desire.

A step forward

Dental implants have created a paradigm shift in dentistry and have fast become the high-end alternative to false teeth. The blending of science, biology and art to create incredibly beautiful, long-lasting aesthetic restorations.

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