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At The Dental Station our philosophy of care is centred on considering the mouth is a part of a greater system - the whole body. The mouth isn't just about a great smile, It has an instrumental role in your body's general health as it acts as the gateway to the body.

Why is a good night sleep is so important?

When you sleep your body restores itself to health: muscles grow, tissues repair, hormones are produced then released and proteins are synthesised, Your brain reorganises itself and consolidates memories. For children, sleep has a critical role in brain development. When was the last time you checked how your child is sleeping? There is a high prevalence of sleep apnoea in children and it is a serious issue that can have far-reaching implications on their health. Dentists can detect if your child's mouth demonstrates the risk factors for sleep apnoea.

Sleep for your brain
is like what food is for your stomach.

It's time to stop starving your brain.

What is snoring?

The walls of our airways are lined with smooth muscle. While we sleep, these muscles relax. Sometimes they relax too much resulting in a constriction in the lumen of our airways. This commonly occurs in the pharynx. As air passes through this constricted space, the walls of the lumen may vibrate creating a sound, which we know as snoring. This restriction in airflow to your windpipe can have significant health implications for adults and children.

the puzzle?..

The snoring sound can be emanating from multiple areas in our airway. Success in treatment hinges on detecting which area as well as ensuring a constant flow of unobstructed air through your airways while you sleep.

Are you sleeping in the same room as your partner?

Is your snoring so loud that you are sleeping in separate room to your partner? You may laugh but our snoring treatments have helped save relationships!

There is more to it than just snoring!

Is you snoring part of a bigger problem?

nasal causes of snoring

  • deviated nasal septum
  • sinus problems
  • chronic allergies

mouth causes of snoring

  • enlarged tonsils
  • enlarged tongue
  • narrow palate

other causes of snoring

  • overweight
  • sleep positioning
  • alcohol/drug intake

What is of concern is when the pharyngeal muscles  narrow to a level where there is a complete blockage of your airway. At this moment you temporarily stop breathing and experience an apnoea. While your sleeping, if you have more than five apnoea episodes each hour, the condition is known as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

More than 1.5 million Australians suffer from sleep disorders and alarmingly, more than half of these patients suffer from OSA. Snorers have a 7-fold increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. More than 50% of snorers have OSA. If you have not had OSA ruled out then you need to investigate this with a sleep study.

What treatment can dentists offer?

At The Dental Station, we are able to fabricate a custom-made mandibular advancement splint (MAS). This device positions your lower jaw slightly forward to open up the airway. The Australian-designed appliance houses Oventus' patented airway technology which has created a paradigm shift in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. After many years there is now a treatment option that positions the jaw desirably with respect to the airway,  simultaneously providing an unobstructed flow of air into the windpipe and lungs.

The full suite of Oventus devices

For Mouth breathers

For bruxers/grinders

How does Oventus Airway technology work?

Oventus technology is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

A clinical trial showed that 100% of patients experienced a significant reduction in snoring with 82% eliminating snoring completely. Furthermore 76% of patients saw a reduction their Apnoea Hypopnea Index (AHI) by more than half.

How can we measure snoring and other sleep disordered breathing?

Dr Jalal refers his patients to a sleep physician in the Sydney CBD so they can have a comprehensive sleep assessment. A home-based sleep study is organised and the results assessed to determine if an oral appliance is an appropriate treatment option. Consultations with ENT specialists are also organised if required. All treatment provided is in line with the Australian Sleep Association guidelines.

Sleep Study

A sleep study is the best means to measure snoring and other sleep parameters such as blood oxygen saturation during sleep. Sometimes the position you sleep in correlates with the severity of snoring and sleep apnoeas. Such information is crucial to a comprehensive treatment plan.

Smartphone App

You are able to get a basic idea of how much you snore using the Snorelab App

It's time you invest

in your sleep!

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