The Truck

There are three things I’ve done in my lifetime that shaped me as a man.
1. I met my wife, Zainab. She’s the best person I know.
2. We had our son, who has made our lives richer than we ever could’ve imagined.
3. I bought this truck.

Let me tell you a bit about what The Truck is all about.

Sydney is filled with dentists. There are about 3600 of us in the city, which actually means only good things for patients — prices are relatively competitive, and chances are you can find one of us within a 5 minute walk.

But in the Outback, things look a little diferent. In a typical Outback town, there are precisely zero dentists.

Imagine you wake up with an agonizing toothache. You now have to find someone to watch the kids, take a day of work, drive 8 hours to the nearest town that has a dentist, stay in a hotel (because by then the clinic is closed), go to your appointment the next morning to get your tooth fixed, and drive back another 8 hours.

Between the time commitment, the costs, and the lost wages, it makes it all but impossible. And that’s in an emergency! That’s not to mention all those people who miss out on preventive dental care because it’s just too far!

This is why The Truck exists.

On this full fledged clinic on wheels, my team and I travel across the Outback, from village to village, and provide dental care to amazing people in spectacularly beautiful places.

I had a light bulb moment in mid 2017 when I realised how many people, even in major cities, were unable to afford dental treatment and were on extremely long waiting lists to receive care through the public system. 

So we aim to expand through regional Australia and also improve our reach to communities with poor access to dental services. We are taking the service to the people. 

The truck is an adventure in dentistry (yeah, I’m a dental nerd). It’s about exploration, self-development, and helping people. And it’s the perfect way for me to fulfill the promise I made to my son, that I will always strive to be the best possible role model I can be.

See you on the road,
– Jalal

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