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A team of Oral Physicians bringing forth a new paradigm in dentistry: Quantum Dentistry

For the past 10 years I’ve been on a deep, personal journey of self-discovery and professional growth. A family member suffering with chronic dis-ease ignited my search for the key drivers behind chronic disease.

On this quest, I learnt about how the body actually works. And what I found was life-changing.

Our body is a quantum thermodynamic system with energy and information travelling through us and all this flow is coupled to circadian rhythm cycles.

Now that sounds like a lot to swallow but in a nutshell, the light that we expose our bodies to has a profound impact on our health.

You see, we are all matter.

Late physicist, David Bohm, referred to matter as frozen light. And when matter (m) is exposed to light (c) we get energy. This is the foundation of the Albert Einstein’s famous equation: e=mc2.

So light has a huge role to play in our health. So do trapped emotions (energy in motion = e-motion), generational trauma (or any trauma for that matter) and ofcourse, spirituality. 

What is it about light that makes it so profound?

Light is a non-linear stimulus so a small exposure of light can have a multiplied effect in our system. Infact, 1 photon of light that touches our retina is amplified 1 million fold. How cool is that!

Now what has all this got to do with dentistry?

That’s a fair question.

The curiosity I had regarding understanding general health and longevity found itself applied to my thoughts on dentistry. Having practiced as a dentist for several years, I knew that something was missing. You see, we are told that ‘the mouth is the gateway to the body’ but we are never taught about what that really looks like.

I began to ask questions. I began to realise that crowded teeth are a symptom of small jaws. When the jaws are small, the teeth can’t fit. With more research I discovered incredible facts such as how all teeth lie on an acupuncture meridian.

As I learnt more, I began to ask deeper questions. For instance:

  • “why are the jaws small in the first place?”
  • “how can the mouth impact posture?”
  • “could small jaws affect breathing?”
"The way the teeth bite can have a pround impact on facial bones and cranial bones which impacts whole body posture"
"all teeth are located on acupuncture meridians"

What I’ve come to appreciate is that the mouth has a key role to play in posture, breathing, proprioception and balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Infact, 38% of the information coming into the brain comes from the teeth, the bite, the tongue, jaw muscles and associated facial muscles.

Five of the twelve cranial nerves supply the tongue. When the tongue is trapped in behind small jaws, it can be really disconcerting for the nervous system.

When the mouth isn’t right, it can have a profound impact on health.

Quantum Dentistry is an appreciation of the quantum, non-linear nature of our body. I believe that a small input/stimulus in the mouth, whether it be good or bad, can have a profound impact on your health.

The care we offer at The Dental Station is the culmination of more than ten years of intense study to understand the true underpinnings behind optimal health from a dental as well as a general health standpoint.

It is my pleasure to offer you a unique approach to care in the areas of airway dentistry, posture, TMJ/TMD disorders, sleep medicine and optimising health.

Yes, we look at teeth but we also assess your lifestyle, nutrition, posture, sleep hygiene, breathing, time in nature, EMF exposures and offer recommendations when appropriate. We integrate other modalities as part of our assessment and treatment. These include kinesiology, cranial osteopathy, lasers, syntonics and much more.

At The Dental Station we think more like Oral Physicians rather than just dentists.  Our patients entrust us with their dental care and with optimisation of key aspects to thriving: great sleep and breathing. Patients come to our practice to heal. It's extremely humbling for us and it’s a responsibility we take on with love.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice.

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