Our Philosophy – we are oral physicians


So I’ll tell you why we’re worth visiting. We aren’t just dentists. We see ourselves as oral physicians. We ask you questions that most dentists won’t consider asking, or even know to ask.

For instance, do you sleep with your mouth open? Do any of your family members mouthbreathe?

It might sound like a strange question but mouthbreathing is a sign of nasal obstruction, which is a big risk factor for sleep apnoea. And research shows that untreated severe sleep apnoea can potentially shave 15 years off your life! Dentists are the gatekeeper to the airway. We are the only clinicians that frequently view your airways at your regular dental examinations.

Did you know that oral diseases have strong links to:


Did you know that snoring in adults is enough to increase the risk of carotid artery disease?

And grinding, something so many of us do,  has been linked to breathing issues during your sleep?

When most people think about going to the dentist, they think about their teeth and gums. Most don’t realise that their approach to oral care can have drastic, long-lasting efects on their overall health.

That’s something my team and I are really passionate about — when we look at your mouth, we really see it as the gateway to the rest of your body. We are in a position to identify systemic issues and change the course of our patients’ lives. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously.

When we sit down together, we won’t just talk about flossing regularly and what kind of toothbrush you use. We’ll talk about your overall well-being and find the most personalized, integrated approach to your oral care, with your whole body in mind.

Looking forward to your visit,
– Jalal


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