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Welcome to The Dental Station – North Sydney. We practice dentistry with the body in mind. Our patients are very important to us. We demonstrate this by focussing on providing preventive and minimally invasive dentistry to our patients. By doing so we aim to prevent dental problems from arising and help our patients maintain optimal oral health. This will translate into better general health.

Before you scroll down and look at the services we offer, it is important you understand the position good oral health holds in your life.

Oral health has very significant implications on your general health. Chronic poor oral hygiene can develop into periodontal (gum) disease if it’s not addressed. Indeed several studies have demonstrated that periodontal disease increases the risk of someone developing diabetes! You may ask, what is the connection? Good question!

When one has periodontal disease, there is an increased presence of bacteria in one’s saliva and under the gums. This results in a greater glucose presence in the body’s system. If this is chronic (which it almost always is), the body’s glucose tolerance is impaired which increases the risk of either developing diabetes, or the diabetes becoming worse.1,2

What is also really concerning is that the prevalence and severity of periodontal (gum) disease increases 2-4 fold in diabetic patients with poor glycaemic control. 1,2 So there is a two-way interaction. Uncontrolled diabetes increases the chance of you developing periodontal disease!

Similar studies have linked poor oral health to cardiovascular complications. These are just a few examples of the connection between your mouth and your general health.

Think about this. If you did not service your car for several years I can guarantee you there would be a significant bill from the mechanic to repair and restore the car back to full health.  The same applies with your teeth. Regular maintenance of your teeth and gums will prevent problems from developing and also help prevent those major procedures that are quite an investment in time and cost.

I encourage you to subscribe to our blog where we publish lots of material that elaborates on the mouth-body connection as well as the services we offer.

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The team at The Dental Station


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2. Lagervall M, Jansson L, Bergstrom J. Systemic disorders in patients with periodontal disease. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2003;30(4):293-9.


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