This is a topic I’m passionate about. As a society we’ve been conditioned to accept that the mouth is a separate part of the human body. This is manifested in health policy. Most medical treatments are subsidised by Medicare, however, adult dental services are not. [Side note – Children in families eligible for the Family...
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Last week my wife and I sat down to watch the show on SBS – Filthy Rich and Homeless. Like many who watched it, we found it  confronting. While reflecting on the journey of the five protagonists, I had an overwhelming sense of guilt that this had been ignored by our society for so long....
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My name is Jalal and I’m the principal dentist of The Dental Station. I’m passionate about the health of my patients and frequently have discussions with my patients about the mouth-to-body connection. It’s part of our philosophy at The Dental Station. Now I want to share my knowledge with you through this dental blog. As...
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